How to Jazz up Your Wedding With Las Vegas Wedding Packages!

Getting married is the most special “festival” in the lives of both the partners. You are not only going to cherish and celebrate this day but also celebrate it over the years as your wedding anniversary. Don’t you think you should go ahead and make it extra special? One of the best ways to make your wedding super special is by getting married In Las Vegas. We all know that Las Vegas hardly sleeps and is the best place to party all the year round. There are so many interesting things that you can do out there. Starting from hopping from one casino to another, you can enjoy the weather, drink up to your heart’s content and what not and finally get married in one of the stylish cathedrals out there.

Want to jazz up your wedding plans more? Opt for Valentine’s Day Weddings In Las Vegas. Valentine’s Day is the day of love. The whole world celebrates this special day. Love should always be celebrated and cherished. It is one of the best feelings the world over. Those who have never experienced this feeling have no idea what they are missing out on. You must have heard that Love can make the whole world go round? Well, it indeed does.

There are many wedding planners who offer exciting Las Vegas Wedding Packages. Beginning with the venue, the decorations, food, wine, band and even live music – everything will be organized. Everything will be taken care of by them. All you need to do is let them know what you are looking for. You can opt for customized packages as well. Let them know the specific requirements and how you want your wedding day to be.

Why don’t you take your partner in crime and decide what you would like to incorporate on your wedding day. After all your better half too have his preferences and likings. So why don’t you ask him how does he visualize his wedding? What if he wants a private, intimate affair? Don’t, get disheartened. You can make an intimate affair an exciting one as well.

Find out about his favorite flowers, people who matter to him and who all he would like to invite on the wedding day. Why don’t you surprise him by throwing a special wedding for him? Give the guy something special to cherish for the rest of his life.

You have no idea, how guys love to get pampered by their beloved. So why don’t you go the extra mile for him. Make him feel special and loved. Everyone loves to be loved and cherished, so why should your partner be devoid of it. Go ahead and make him feel super special and loved on your special day.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the service providers who offer Las Vegas Wedding Packages. Find out what the package comprise off and whether they are open to customization and finally find out what will be the total cost. After all you need to know whether you will be able to afford it or not.

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St Patrick’s Day Weddings

Whether you are Irish, love the color green, or just want your wedding to be a great party, St. Patrick’s Day would be a terrific time to have a wedding. After all, it is a day known for being a fun time, and everyone loves a party on St. Patrick’s Day. Bring out some traditional Irish touches, and make your wedding a St. Patrick’s Day celebration to remember!

Most couples who decide to have their weddings on St. Patrick’s Day will have some Irish heritage, and you will surely want to play this up. If your family has a crest, that would make a fantastic motif for your wedding. Any kind of personal touch like that will make your wedding feel more special.

If no ancient crest is forthcoming, Ireland itself certainly has numerous traditional motifs and symbols from which to choose. The shamrock is the best known symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, followed by the harp. These would be fun motifs to use – in moderation. The key to a wedding on any holiday is to make the holiday secondary to your wedding, so use the theme as an accent, but don’t let it take over the whole day.

The shamrock can be tastefully incorporated into your wedding in a variety of ways. It would be nice to have a small gold shamrock engraved on your wedding invitations. It would also make a great detail on your wedding cake. A white cake with a basketweave design accented by some green shamrocks would be a nice nod to traditional Irish pottery. And naturally, the groom will want to wear shamrock boxers under his tuxedo!

Green is the color most associated with St. Patrick’s Day, and it is an easy color to use in a wedding. Your bridesmaids will look fantastic in emerald green dresses, and the bride can add a green sash to her wedding gown. Speaking of emeralds, green Swarovski crystals would be a nice touch in the bridesmaid jewelry sets. The sparkling crystals are considerably more affordable than even the cloudiest pale green emeralds, and they would make fabulous sets of jewelry for the bridesmaids when used in combination with freshwater pearls.

Music is a big part of any celebration, and for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding, you will definitely want an Irish band. This is music that really gets the toes tapping, and you can be sure that your guests will love it. They will book up early for the holiday, so be certain to get your band lined up well in advance of the wedding. It would be great fun for your guests if you also had a few traditional Irish step dancers as part of the festivities.

Speaking of festivities, food and drink are also important. The traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage is one option, but there are certainly some other Irish dishes that you can include in the menu. Many are warm and hearty for a cool spring day, like lamb stew and boxty. Irish celebrations are also known for their free-flowing drink, so have plenty of Guinness and Jamison’s on hand!

St. Patrick’s Day would be a great choice for a wedding date. It is a time of revelry and celebration, just like a wedding. So have some fun, and plan an Irish theme wedding that your guests will be talking about for years. Slainte!

Classy Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is a lover’s holiday. It’s a romantic day full of chocolate, flowers, and romance, so why not choose to have your wedding on such a beautiful day? A lot of couples choose to say their vows on Valentine’s Day, but the trick is throw a classy wedding that doesn’t appear cheesy on such a romantic day. Here are some great ideas to insure that your Valentine’s wedding is as intimate and romantic as the day itself.

  1. When it comes to choosing your colors, red is the obvious choice since it coincides with Valentine’s Day. You can incorporate red into everything from the bridesmaid’s dresses to the flowers, and you can incorporate whites and pinks in as accent colors. Gold also accents red well, and is great if you are going for a more regal look.
  2. Roses are usually expensive around Valentine’s Day, and if your budget allows, you should definitely consider them for your first choice when it comes to wedding flowers. But, if are planning a wedding on a lesser budget there are other flowers such as carnations, Gerber daisies, and Asiatic lilies that look gorgeous in shades of red and pink and that will still give you the romantic ambiance you are looking for.
  3. Candles are a must as part of your wedding ceremony decorations, and you can also consider using white Christmas lights and soft, sheer fabrics to wrap around the lights. Nothing is more romantic than low lighting and a room filled with candles. That will definitely set the mood for your wedding ceremony. For reception decoration you can choose to bold red table clothes, with white lace overlays and you could weave big red, satin bows onto the backs of the chairs. You can utilize candles in your reception d├ęcor and you may consider low light with red and pink up lighting on the walls, especially if they are draped.
  4. As you are choosing your wedding attire, you should base your choices on not only what you like and what looks good on you, but also what makes you feel beautiful and sexy. You may think of a huge princess gown when you think the word “romantic”, but you may also think of something simpler and elegant like “Romeo and Juliet”, when you think of romance. For bridesmaids you should also keep the same romantic theme and maybe you could choose gowns that come in a shade of red or pink. When you choose tuxes, maybe you could picture a James Bond sort of tuxedo that is dashing and elegant and you could do them in all black with only a single red rose boutonniere to accentuate.
  5. Chocolate cake the best type of cake for a Valentine’s Day wedding. You can also incorporate other Valentine’s Day treats into your menu such as chocolate-covered strawberries and miniature boxes of chocolates. Candy hearts would also be great for decorating tables or even your wedding cake.
  6. When searching for a reception location, you should choose some place that omits a romantic, and intimate ambiance. If your having a large wedding, you can obtain this feeling by simply choosing romantic decorations and low lighting, but if you are having a smaller wedding you can have your reception at some place smaller like a bed and breakfast or a winery.