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Things to Know About IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects the intestines, showing no evidence of illness but results in discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating, and abdomen pain of varying degree. The pain of IBS can vary from a throbbing feeling too sharp cramping sensations. Patients will claim to have a feeling of a punch in the stomach or a heavy weight on the stomach. There is no known illness caused by IBS, but it can affect an individual to some extent.

IBS is A term that refers to the abnormal bowel function that cannot be proved by lab examination, blood tests or X-rays. Those with the medical know-how say that it happens in persons who have easily irritable digestive tracts. Their intestines react more when provoked compared to those of normal persons. Some of the things that have said to cause IBS include; fatty diets, some drugs, depression, gas, lack of proper exercise among others.

Human gastrointestinal tract has a sensing mechanism that is not related to the brain, and it can function properly without the control of brains. Intestine are capable of reacting to different stimulus on its own.

It hard to get an IBS treatment that can treat IBS in all individuals since each patient will have different IBS complications from the other person. There used to be a treatment for IBS called Lotronex. However, this drug was taken off the market few months after release due to serious side effects and sometimes death related to the drugs. Other spasm resistant drugs are used to relieve IBS where other methods fail. Those suffering from IBS should adapt foods that are rich in fiber and take a lot of water and exercise regularly. Individuals with IBS should avoid certain foods like dairy, cabbage, beans, sorbitol, artificial sweeteners, and fructose.

Supplements containing beneficial microorganisms are good for decreasing bloating and pathogenic bacteria. Many health professionals will only recommend probiotic supplements after one has gone through colon cleansing procedure. Colon cleansing procedure has been said to be purely natural, harmless and a perfect way to deal with IBS and its complications. The most efficient way to eradicate IBS and its complications is to use colon cleanser with psyllium.

Colon cleansing will provide relief for bloating, water retention, and other symptoms due to IBS. Most health practitioners advocate the use of colon cleansers to every person to attain good health for the colon. IBS is a bothersome condition for one to put up with since it is challenging to find the right cure. Fortunately eating the right foods, exercising regularly, taking enough water and colon cleansing can help manage this condition.

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