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The wolly pillows are filled with soft felted clusters of wool fibers. Because of the oval-shaped bits of wool are airy and are also fluffy, you will find that this loose fill will give you thicker loft and also with a slightly springier comfort feeling compared to pillows that are filled with wool batting.

In order for you to be aided whether a wooly pillow is a natural pillow for you, you should read more below:

Wooly pillows actually feel dense with subtle springiness. If in case you like a pillow that feels still and comfortable than the ones that are bouncy, you will definitely like the comfort of such natural pillow. This will likewise provide you with medium to firm support that is able to cradle your head and neck softly, which in fact is ideal for side and back sleepers.
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One of the things that’s best about wooly pillows is that you are able to customize its loft. It also comes with zippered cases so you could add or remove the wool fill for you to make the pillow feel thick or flat with how you wanted it to be.
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This pillow in fact compress over time, which will make it feel a little flatter, but not that hard and flat compared to wool pillows filled with wool batting. It’s essential that you remember that you can actually add more fill to this pillow for you to increase the fluffiness of the loft.

The best thing of wool pillows is that this actually offers good thermal comfort. You also could sleep on this pillow all year long without even feeling over heated. This would be because of the fact that wool have an extraordinary ability to absorb and also evaporate body moisture and also excess heat. This likewise stores and releases warmth evenly throughout the night without making you feel hot or cold.

Moistures likewise don’t like to hang on wool fibers. This will wick it away that keeps the inside of the pillow all dry. Dust mites really don’t like it. These pests are attracted to warm, moist and dark places. Make sure to also wash the pillow cases each week for you to keep dust mites away from the outside of the pillow.

Also bear in mind to avoid washing a wooly pillow. This is because washing it will change the comfort that results to a less springy texture.

Rather than washing the said pillows, you could protect it from dust and sweat through pillow protectors and also pillow cases.

But when you really think it’s necessary that you wash the wooly pillow, make sure to follow its care instructions for you to get the best results.