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How to Maintain a Septic Tank in Good Working Condition

Every home must have a septic tank if the is no public sewer management system. Liquid effluents of a home drain in the septic tank. The modern technology has made it possible to operate the septic tank efficiently.

Take the appropriate steps to ensure that the tank is in good shape. There should not be any leaks in the sewage treatment plant. You will learn about how you can ensure that the septic tank is in good working condition.

The safety of the tank should be guaranteed. Do not have any plants other than grass near the tank. The roots of a tree can easily damage the tank. You should also not drive a heavy machinery over the tank. Having a structure at the top of the septic tank can interfere with its proper maintenance.

Do not flush things like pampers, sanitary pads and other solid materials in the toilet. Ensure that you do not put anything that can block the sewerage system. Some of the things you put into the tank are non-biodegradable. The materials can affect the proper functioning of the sewerage treatment plant. You should have a garbage grinder which breaks the food into smaller particles. This is the bacteria which break down organic waste. The breakdown of solid waste is helpful in ensuring that the waste is not harmful to the surrounding environment. You should never hinder the proper working of the bacteria by introducing materials that make their work hard. Never put drain fatty substances into the septic. Grease leads to clogging which eventually disrupts the adequate working of the septic tank.

Do not include heavy duty cleaning agents. Killing the useful bacteria would inhibit the treatment of waste because the solid waste is not broken down as expected. Avoid pouring toxic chemicals into the septic.

Do everything possible to minimize water getting into the septic. Ensure you regulate the amount of water used during a shower. Use a small amount of water in the washroom. Rainwater should not be allowed into the drain field. Water should be prevented from getting into the septic tank by constructing a proper drainage.

Check the plumbing system by running water to help you identify any leakages.

Get an experienced person who can direct you on whether your septic needs pumping. Do not do it by yourself if you are not trained to do it as it may have very bad repercussions. There is a rod that is inserted inside which helps to determine the level of scum. He can also inspect by observing the septic tank and advise on what should be done. Appropriate advice is given on when the sewage should be pumped.

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