Go Red for Romance at Your Valentines Day Wedding

From the tip of your red bridal tiara down to your ruby red slippers; if you follow these suggestions, you can truly make your Valentines day wedding special!

The first rule to keep in mind when planning a Valentine’s Day wedding is to ration the red! This means, don’t go overboard with the red theme; red is such a dramatic color that decor can easily take a turn for an overly theatrical or gothic theme if you aren’t careful. To achieve a tasteful balance, keep the color scheme of your wedding traditional and add red accents only where it will pop. Ruby jewels on a tiara are the perfect way to add a strike of red to the classic look of a bride in white.

A bride has many options while shopping for her tiara. Styles range from rhinestone to cubic zirconia to crystal; from dramatic to subtle. It is important to pick out your dress before shopping for the perfect topper to your ensemble. A simpler bridal gown invites the opportunity for a tiara that is dripping in jewels; while heavy beading on a dress will require something that compliments rather than competes.

Most important is that the bride feels comfortable with the tiara and wedding accessories she chooses for her special day. The tiara is meant to be worn for the entire wedding day and to be incorporated into the bride’s hairstyle. If a bride is getting her hair done professionally, she should let her stylist know ahead of time what type of headpiece she intends to wear; and if the bride is doing a hair practice run leading up to the wedding, she should bring the tiara along. Tiaras compliment any hairstyle, from lavish up-dos to simple long and sleek down styles. If you already have a hairstyle in mind, wear your hair up or down as you would envision it on your wedding day when shopping for your tiara. This will allow you to better decide what fits your total look.

Don’t forget the groom. The bride, with a red bridal tiara may look like the queen of hearts, but we don’t want to leave the groom without a hand to play! A simple red tie and cumber bun will compliment a bejeweled bride nicely. So go ahead and have fun playing dress up – your wedding guests will expect nothing less on the most romantic day of the year.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

Thinking about having a wedding theme for your wedding? Well how about having a Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme? Only true romantics dare to theme their wedding around Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t that daring well you can skim and browse this article to see if any facet of these ideas appeal to the particular theme you are planning for in your wedding and so incorporating these small touches into your theme to create a truly memorable day.

Of course with all wedding themes the most important part is in organising the color palette you will use for your foundation to your own special Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme. If you look around to the various artifacts, toys and cards that are on sale on Valentine’s Day you will find many many shades of red and pink and the many textures and pastels in between. You may choose any combination that may appeal to you. You may also consider adding a bit of your own personality into the color choice. If you are wild and outgoing it would be nice to choose contrasting colors in addition to the normal pink and red to add a bit of excitement to the colour. If you are more of the conservative type well a nice free flow of conservative colors will work. From here, you will theme this critical base of foundational colours to your wedding theme: from your wedding attire, to decorations in the ceremony and reception as well as your place settings.

As your planning for your Valentine’s Day wedding theme progresses, perhaps the next step is to look at wedding attire. You may want to look at an old fashioned contemporary look to extend the theme that Valentine’s Day is a truly romantic day. You may want to have a look at weddings from days past, or weddings that are grand from earlier this century such as Jackie Kennedy’s wedding with JFK. Another option is to accent your wedding dress with the colors form your base palette. Perhaps have a shawl again, with the colors you have chosen. Then your roses will also follow this beautiful color scheme. Continuing your theme would have your bridesmaids wearing various shades of the colors you’ve picked designed into their dresses. Groomsmen will also follow this theme wearing the pink and reds from your palette in their boutonni√®res.

The location you choose for your wedding will also accentuate your Valentine’s Day wedding theme. Of course, don’t forget to book early as Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to get married. When choosing your venue you may want to look for a place where you can decorate your location with many candles to set the mood for an evening ceremony. Look for decoration potentials when shopping around for your ceremony and reception locations.

There are other small additions you may want in your wedding to celebrate your Valentine’s Day wedding theme. As an extension to the romantic Valentine’s Day theme – at the ceremony you may want to ask couples to stand during your wedding to reaffirm their love to each other. Music can also set the romantic scene for you with a string quartet or an Italian opera singer at either your reception or ceremony. Flowers would be roses and your menu may include aphrodisiacs such as oysters, almonds, strawberries dipped in chocolate…

As you can see the options and ideas are vast and you must make a distinction as to what you want for your Valentine’s Day wedding theme.

9 Timeless Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas for the Perfect Wedding

February 14th, the holiday of Love! Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, gifts, and wedding vows are exchanged between loved ones. Below are 9 timeless Valentine’s Day wedding ideas for making your day special.

9 Timeless Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

1. Valentine Wedding Flowers

Roses. And not just red roses. Your bridal bouquet can be a combination of shades of red with some white roses too.

If you’re eloping or heading to Vegas for a small, intimate wedding, you can carry one single long-stemmed rose or a couple of red, white and pink together.

You can even opt for pink and white if you happen to be wearing a pink wedding dress, which seems to be trending for 2014.

2. Use Valentine Decorations for Your Ceremony and Reception

Take a stroll down the holiday aisle at your favorite department store, or if you’re online a lot, head over to Pinterest and do a search for Valentine decorations.

Even the least expensive or smallest decorations will add color and sparkle to your ceremony or reception venue, including the guests’ tables.

3. Reception Guest Tables

Pick up some heart-shaped table number holders. Have heart-shaped candy dishes at each place setting with little Be My Valentine candies as part of the favors.

4. Think Christmas When Decorating

Replace Christmas with Valentine’s Day wedding ideas. Why? The colors are perfect!

Reds, whites, silvers, golds and even pearls can be used for both holidays. Again, hit the after-Christmas sales for slashed prices on festive Christmas decorations that you can use for your ceremony and reception.

5. Candles are Always a Hit!

And speaking of Christmas, start shopping now for some Christmas deep discount and clearance sales on red, pink and white candles.

You can place them inside of silk flower candle rings or simple votive candle holders.

6. Special and Fun Favors

This is where you can have a lot of fun putting together some delicious and memorable favors.

Heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes can be frosted white with red and pink sprinkles.

Chocolate is another timeless favorite for the holiday too. You can look for heart-shaped chocolates or get Hershey’s Kisses in red and silver wrappers.

And there’s always the little boxes of heart-shaped candies with Valentine’s sayings already on them.

Set the cookies and candies out on a dessert table away from the main reception food. Have little favor bags or boxes set out so guests can help themselves.

7. Festive and Colorful Heart-Shaped Balloon Surprise

Buy red and/or pink and white helium balloons. Before you inflate the balloons, place small handwritten notes inside for the guests.

Attach a balloon to each of the guests’ chairs and after the reception starts, the DJ can announce when it’s time to pop the balloons to find the secret message inside.

You can write short memories of fun things you did together, a memorable vacation or a special moment you shared. Once you get the notes written – or printed out – cut them into small pieces, fold and place inside the balloon before inflating them with the helium.

8. Recreate Your First Date

Here are some fun and creative Valentine’s Day wedding ideas you can plan around your first date.

  • Go to the same restaurant and ask if they’ll cater your reception.
  • Have your wedding theme be that of the first movie you watched together.
  • Have the DJ play the song you first danced to as a couple and dance to it again as Mr. and Mrs.

Incorporate as much as you can of your first date into your wedding theme, and simply use a Valentine theme for decorations and favors.

9. Plan a Get-Away for Valentine’s Day

Las Vegas is still the favorite for destination weddings, and even more popular for a Valentine’s Day wedding.

You can get married in one of the many Vegas wedding chapels that has an Elvis impersonator do the ceremony.

Or you can just hop in your car and have a “Drive-Thru Wedding.”