Non-Tacky Valentine’s Day Weddings

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular winter wedding dates. And why not, when it is a holiday all about love? Although it is a lovely day to get married, some couples get a little too swept up in the holiday, and end up with a pretty tacky wedding. Don’t let this happen to you – there are many ways to design a Valentine’s Day wedding that is elegant and original.

What first comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day? Cupids and bows, hearts, red roses, Champagne, and of course, declarations of love. All of these things are wonderful on their own, on Valentine’s Day, or at any time of the year; it is when all of them are used together that things can get too cliché.

If you have chosen to get married on Valentine’s Day, you undoubtedly picked if for its romantic symbolism. So let romance be the focus of your wedding, more than the holiday. Instead of going for the whole collection of Valentine’s symbols, pick one or two to highlight as your wedding motif. That way, your wedding will look personal, not like the inside of a Hallmark store in early February.

The cupid motif is one that can be used very tastefully to create an elegant wedding. A small gold cupid engraved on the wedding invitations would be a lovely place to start. The same motif can be used in small dosed throughout your wedding: the menu cards, favor boxes, cocktail napkins, and so on.

Red has a strong association with Valentine’s Day, especially in the form of long stemmed red roses. Because they are in such strong demand on the holiday, you are guaranteed to pay a premium if you choose red roses for a Valentine’s wedding. If you love the color red, consider alternatives, such as red tulips. Or if you have your heart set on red roses, mix them up with another flower. You will not only keep the cost under control, but your bouquets and centerpieces will look more unique.

For a modern take on a Valentine’s Day wedding, mix up the traditional red palette with another color, like chartreuse. This bold pairing looks very hip, and the fresh green makes a great contrast to the warm red. You can use it in flowers, stationary, and your table linens to make a strong statement.

Another thing that should make a strong statement is the bride’s attire. For a Valentine’s Day wedding, you can really dress as you would for any other winter wedding. Look for gowns and accessories that are elegant and opulent, and please don’t be sucked in by a holiday themed bridal gown with red embroidery! Custom bridal Swarovksi necklaces will give an elegant bride the perfect finishing touch. When you choose from Swarovksi bridal necklaces that have been custom made just for you, the look will always be unique and original.

One other thing that is always associated with Valentine’s Day is chocolate. This is the one element of the holiday that you should definitely include! After all, everyone loves chocolate; chocolate cake, chocolate fountain, chocolate covered strawberries – you really cannot have too much chocolate at your wedding.

Make your Valentine’s wedding special and unique by keeping the focus on the bride and groom, not the holiday itself. Emphasize the theme of love and romance, while de-emphasizing the tired old cliches. You will be sure to create a wedding that your guests will never forget.