Lucky St Patrick’s Day Wedding Ideas

If you have an Irish heritage or you just think St. Patrick’s Day would be a lucky day to have your wedding, you are probably at a lose on how to plan a classy, elegant Irish celebration that is fitting to your wedding day dreams. Well, here are some great ideas to help you make your St. Patty’s Day wedding as lucky as a pot of gold.

  1. When you are picking colors for your wedding, green may not be on the top of your list. But, when you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day wedding, green is the best color to use for this theme. The plus side is that there are so many different shades of green to pick from a shamrock green to a dark, hunter green, so finding a shade that looks great on everyone in your bridal party shouldn’t be a problem. You may even want to mix it up and use a bunch of different shades of green that compliment each other.
  2. When you are choosing a design for your wedding invitations, you may want to go with a Celtic knot or cross as the focal point of the design. You could also incorporate the Celtic knot or cross into the rest of your ceremony maybe in a wax seal for your programs, or as the decoration for your wedding cake. You may be able to find some napkin holders that have a symbol of the knot or cross on them. However, you choose to use it, it is definitely one of those extra little details that will pull everything together.
  3. When selecting the music for your ceremony, some traditional Irish music would be a perfect touch to your special day. Not only is Irish music romantic and beautiful, but also its instrumental ballads will add just the right touch to take your St. Patrick’s Day wedding from clash to class.
  4. When choosing the foods for your reception, don’t feel like you have to go all out with the green food coloring. Why not take a different approach and serve traditional Irish dishes such as Irish stew, bacon and cabbage, coddle, bread pudding, and soda bread. Of course, no Irish wedding celebration would be complete without some green ale!
  5. A great idea for wedding favors would be to purchase some four-leaf clovers off line and give them your guests as they leave. Another interesting twist on the “green” would be to give them small potted plants with your names and wedding date on the side. This is something they can take home and plant and it symbolizes your growing love for each other.
  6. When you are decorating you could use greenery, white Christmas lights, and candles. This is sure to set the right mood for your ceremony and reception. Don’t be afraid to use colors like white and yellow to help contrast the green, and to incorporate those colors into your floral arrangements. Maybe you and your groom could stand in front of a huge Celtic cross wrapped in greenery and Christmas lights while you say your vows? Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to get creative and do some research to pull lots of ideas from traditional Irish weddings.

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Red Bridal Tiaras for Your Valentines Day Wedding

Red is a color long known to man. The wavelengths of light that make it up are the longest that can be seen by the human eye. This color is evident daily in our culture on items that we want to stand out, such as stop signs, fire engines and safety lights. It is also a favorite color associated with weddings. A great finishing touch to a Valentines Day wedding is a red bridal tiara.

Red has always been associated with hearts, and as such with love. Most weddings around or on Valentine’s Day have red as the predominant color, or include it as one of several colors. Brides often have themed weddings at this time, wearing a wedding dress in this stunning color. Since brides wearing red do not often wear veils, a red bridal tiara is a great accent to bring out the brides features and hair style.

Red and Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love simply go together. Red is also the color of joy, fertility and of heroism. All of these are more than appropriate for a Valentine celebration. The best part of using a red tiara is that Valentine’s Day offers so many themes for your red tiara.

Your tiara can be designed to be red roses or another flower of your choice with a gold or silver base. Your flowers can be large or small depending on your hairstyle. Your red tiara can be designed with hearts of different sizes and designs. Your tiara can be several rows of flowers and hearts, or you can reach back into fairy tales and wear a crown adorned with red crystals and gems. A crown tiara is larger than some tiaras and allows more room for designs. Of course, you can also find a tiara that combines more than one theme.

Some tiaras have flowers or hearts done in the color red. Other tiaras use gems and crystals to light up the tiara. Using your red bridal tiara will also give you a handsome heirloom to pass on down to the family. If you have one specially made, it will be even more personal. You could, for example, combine the crests of two families on your tiara.

If you use a veil or head covering, you red tiara will still work very well with this. The red with stand out under the veil and draw attention to your special veil. The red tiara will also look lovely in pictures and blend with the other reds in your wedding and at your reception. Really, a red bridal tiara is a must at a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Top Five Romantic Bridesmaids Gifts For a Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

Your bridesmaids played the most important roles in your wedding. In addition, they have spent their resources just to be able to look good on your big day. Needless to say, your wedding entourage will not be complete without them; so, you have to show your appreciation to them after your wedding. Think about giving bridesmaids gifts as your token. And, what can be more appropriate than buying them something that will remind them about your Valentine’s Day wedding theme? Below are some romantic bridesmaid gifts suggestions:

1. Romance books. Women love books that discuss about romance. In fact, majority of them will not dare read a thin book about cooking, but will read a thick book about romance. Your bridesmaids are no different. Pick out some good titles in book stores. If you have no idea which titles to buy, ask the sales representatives inside. They surely know good titles and good authors more than you do. Old ones come in cheap prices so you have the option to spend reasonably.

2. Red dress. Women never fail to look stunning in red. So, give each of them a red dress that they will be able to use for special occasions. Make sure that you will buy them the right size or else, alteration is necessary. Go to department stores in your area and check for the ones that are reasonably priced. After the wedding day, it is expected, as well as understandable, that you will try to tighten your pocket. It does not matter; what is important is that you are thankful to them.

3. iPod shuffle. Why not? If you can afford it, buy each of them a piece. They will surely feel your appreciation for not only attending the wedding, but also for playing their roles graciously. Moreover, women love music; in fact, they love to hear them even during travel. An iPod shuffle is best then.

4. Necklace with red pendant. If you can afford it, buy each of them a necklace with red pendant. However, if you are tight in budget, a red pendant will do. It is still precious, anyway. Your bridesmaids will surely love them. If possible, buy them items in different styles for individuality purposes.

5. A big, yet huggable red pillow. Inside the bedroom, women become kids who love to hug big pillows. As a woman, you definitely know that women find comfort in soft huggable pillows. After a tiring day, give them something that they can ‘lean’ on. Give each of them a big, yet huggable red pillow.

Of course, the week after your wedding day, you should go out and buy your bridesmaids gifts. For all their efforts, they deserve your time going to department stores just to shop gifts for them. The five items above top the list of the romantic bridesmaids gifts for your Valentine’s Day wedding theme. Pick one and receive their gratitude for doing so.