Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding

Choosing the Colours

While many people think that a Valentine’s Day wedding should be done in mainly red, this is not the case. You can use pinks and reds in various shades and colours to create the perfect colour scheme for your wedding day. If red is not particularly your favorite colour, you might try a selection of pinks in different shades, with red as an accent colour. Consider the colours will need to be used for the flowers, decorations, wedding car decorations, and the wedding cake.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding Cake

You have many options when it comes to choosing the perfect design for you wedding cake. Many people choose to add accent colours to the wedding cake now. You might include small pink hearts or roses along the edge of the cake. You could also choose to use a heart shaped wedding topper rather than the traditional bride and groom. You might even choose to find a topper that has the bride and groom, but also includes a small cupid aiming his arrow from up above. You could also decorate the cake with various real flowers in shades of pink or red. Another great option is to have the whole cake shaped like a heart.

A Valentines Day Wedding Party

The bridesmaids can be dressed in matching shades of pink or red. You can choose for everyone to wear the same colour or choose a matching selection in various shades. You can also choose heart shaped pendants and earrings to accent all of the entire bridesmaid’s attire.  When you design the bouquets that the bridesmaids will be carrying, you can include a variety of red and pink flowers. Roses are always a great choice, but daisies, lilies, and tulips can make a great selection as well. You might even consider having the bouquets designed in the shape of a heart.

The Valentine’s Day Reception Hall

It should be very easy to plan a perfect Valentine’s Day reception. You can use cupids and heart for decoration. Consider heart shaped boxes on the table to hold the mints or heart shaped candles for the prefect atmosphere. You could also rent a heart shaped arch to take pictures under. Let your guests each take pictures for the perfect memory. After the wedding, send everyone’s photos in heart shaped photo frames along with the thank you card. This is a great way to provide your guests with a lovely memory of your special day. You could also have ice sculptures in the shape of hearts or cupids.

Creating the prefect Valentine’s Day wedding is so simple. The whole event revolves around romance and love, which is the same theme as any wedding. Any items that stand for love can be included.