Some Tips on How to Make a Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme a Success

A Valentine’s Day wedding theme is one of the most popular wedding themes nowadays as its timing is simply perfect for the occasion. As with any successful wedding, planning and organization are two important factors that make this happen. And even though some dilemmas may happen, it’s essential that you remained composed and on top of the situation.

The planning phase is probably the most crucial part of the wedding preparations since this is the time that you lay down everything with your coordinator. When you are aiming for a themed wedding such as a Valentine’s Day theme, your wedding coordinator will suggest several ideas and strategies.

Some tips and ideas to help perfect your Valentine’s day wedding:

– Color scheme

Since it is Valentine’s day, most would-be brides prefer reds and pinks all over. But for those who do not prefer these V-day colors, a splash of other shades such as green, yellow, orange and blue can add contrast and drama to the overall color and theme.

One idea is to incorporate 2 to 3 shades of Valentine colors such as pinks, reds fuchsias. You can have your bridesmaids wear a shade each or as complementing combinations. Your bouquet, as well as your bridesmaids, may have these shades but a sprinkling of greens for that fresh look.

You and your coordinator can discuss a good strategy regarding the color combinations and where to put them so as not to depart from the Valentine’s day ambience.

– The perfect wedding cake

Chocolate is the signature sweet for Valentine’s day, so why not incorporate this idea in choosing your wedding cake. Another option is the red velvet cake which is quite popular because of its moist texture, rich flavor and of course red color.

As for the shape and design of your cake, it may be too cheesy to have heart-shaped wedding cake layers, but you can put a twist to it without making it too corny or cheesy. You may have a layered red velvet or chocolate cake with white or light pink fondant icing decorated with real fresh flowers and strawberries to match the occasion. You may use heart-shaped cake topper instead of the usual bride and groom. And for the twist, you may order from the bakeshop some heart-shaped cupcakes or mini cakes in either or both red velvet and chocolate.

Cupcakes have become popular with many occasions as take away cakes, so why not include this idea so your guests can have their cake too.

– Setting your reception venue

While some couples want their wedding during the daytime, you can set yours in the afternoon for the ceremony and come evening, the reception dinner. Make this reception memorable for everyone in your guest list particularly for the couples since they are there instead of going out on dates with their loved ones. Take the opportunity to let your couple-guests enjoy everything, from the food to the ambience to the wine and dancing.

And of course, make sure that your reception venue is dressed to the occasion. Always remember that color can emphasize the occasion, so put reds and pinks as your primary color, then add other colors to freshen and break the monotony of those V-day shades.

You can also use white and beige for dressing the dinner tables and accentuating them with reds or pinks, or both. Centerpieces should also be according to theme. You can use candles and flowers to add drama to the ambience and have the lights dimmed once the sweet dancing starts.

– Don’t forget wine and chocolates for your guests

Wines for toasting as well as for dining should be present during this occasion. If your budget permits, you may also give away bottles of wine and complementary chocolates to your guests as favors. If your budget is limited, you can omit the wine and just give away chocolates in heart-shaped boxes.

– Music to set the mood

Dancing and music are great during Valentine’s day, so incorporate this idea to make the celebration lively and enjoyable for everyone. If you can hire a wedding singer and his/her band, the better.

There is no perfect recipe for any wedding celebration. The fact that even those that were planned for a long time have flaws shouldn’t discourage you in setting-up a Valentine’s day themed wedding. And even if you are on a strict budget, you can still pull it off by being creative with your resources that revolve around the theme of love and romance.