Top 3 Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme Invitations

Valentine day is fast approaching and more than just couples spending this time together to bond and just make it a sweet moment, there are those who would want to make the day more special by actually making it their wedding day. But if you are one of those people who would want to make it as such, you might want to consider a few ideas when it comes to making your wedding theme invitations. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider:

1. Color Play – Gone are the days when red is the only color associated with the hearts’ day. These days you can also mix in other colors with red to give off that love vibe. You might want to play it up with purple or even go as bold as using black for your wedding theme. Mixing and matching colors allows you to conveniently add in more elements in your wedding decorations. This is also a great idea especially if you are still coming up with a more holistic idea to make of your wedding theme.

2. Chocolate Feast – Chocolates are also a staple when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. This can also work as a perfect wedding theme especially if you or your soon to be spouse is a certified chocolate addict. Although you don’t really have to apply the chocolate them on your clothes or even on the colors inside the wedding reception venue, you can use this on the food items. Even your guests would surely be delighted to see a chocolate fountain fondue where they can freely wash their food items on the chocolate goodness. You can also try to ask someone to do a chocolate sculpture or give a twist to your wedding cake by using chocolate cupcakes to form it.

3. Flower Power – This is probably one of the central ideas when it comes to creating a Valentines inspiration. You can never forget the use of flowers. If you really want to add that touch of the Hearts’ day in it, you might want to choose red roses as your main flowers. Red roses actually symbolize passion and you would do well to use it on the said occasion to signify your burning love for each other. The good thing about this theme is that you can definitely extend it over to the wedding ceremonies and use the wedding bouquet that would fit with your own theme.

Creating a Valentines Day wedding theme is something that can turn out to be very exciting for you. It is especially great if you are going to get married right on the fourteenth of February. It will be something that would more sweetness to the current event. This can also make your wedding day more unforgettable than it already is. Just make sure you include all parts of the wedding when you decide on the Valentines theme so that everything would appear to be seamless and well-coordinated.