Top Five Romantic Bridesmaids Gifts For a Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

Your bridesmaids played the most important roles in your wedding. In addition, they have spent their resources just to be able to look good on your big day. Needless to say, your wedding entourage will not be complete without them; so, you have to show your appreciation to them after your wedding. Think about giving bridesmaids gifts as your token. And, what can be more appropriate than buying them something that will remind them about your Valentine’s Day wedding theme? Below are some romantic bridesmaid gifts suggestions:

1. Romance books. Women love books that discuss about romance. In fact, majority of them will not dare read a thin book about cooking, but will read a thick book about romance. Your bridesmaids are no different. Pick out some good titles in book stores. If you have no idea which titles to buy, ask the sales representatives inside. They surely know good titles and good authors more than you do. Old ones come in cheap prices so you have the option to spend reasonably.

2. Red dress. Women never fail to look stunning in red. So, give each of them a red dress that they will be able to use for special occasions. Make sure that you will buy them the right size or else, alteration is necessary. Go to department stores in your area and check for the ones that are reasonably priced. After the wedding day, it is expected, as well as understandable, that you will try to tighten your pocket. It does not matter; what is important is that you are thankful to them.

3. iPod shuffle. Why not? If you can afford it, buy each of them a piece. They will surely feel your appreciation for not only attending the wedding, but also for playing their roles graciously. Moreover, women love music; in fact, they love to hear them even during travel. An iPod shuffle is best then.

4. Necklace with red pendant. If you can afford it, buy each of them a necklace with red pendant. However, if you are tight in budget, a red pendant will do. It is still precious, anyway. Your bridesmaids will surely love them. If possible, buy them items in different styles for individuality purposes.

5. A big, yet huggable red pillow. Inside the bedroom, women become kids who love to hug big pillows. As a woman, you definitely know that women find comfort in soft huggable pillows. After a tiring day, give them something that they can ‘lean’ on. Give each of them a big, yet huggable red pillow.

Of course, the week after your wedding day, you should go out and buy your bridesmaids gifts. For all their efforts, they deserve your time going to department stores just to shop gifts for them. The five items above top the list of the romantic bridesmaids gifts for your Valentine’s Day wedding theme. Pick one and receive their gratitude for doing so.