Wedding Favors: Valentine’s Day Wedding

So you are planning a Valentine’s Day wedding theme? So then you definitely need wedding favors to match your themed wedding. Your Valentine’s Day wedding favors will carry on the theme of your wedding for you to give to each of your guests as a small and inexpensive gift as a way of thanking them as well as a traditional souvenir item for your guests to keep a memory of your wedding day.

Remember, you don’t need to spend up on your valentine’s day wedding favors wedding favors so keep it practical and fun and try to incorporate your wedding theme in the favor. As part of your favor it is also customary to include a tag containing your names and the wedding date. You can be as creative as you want – you may also want to include a personal message or favorite quote.

Valentine’s day is a special day of romance and love and so keeping the theme here are some Valentine’s Day wedding favor ideas. Let’s start off with some nuts – you can purchase your Jordan Almonds at select locations and the way to present them in as your wedding favors is to pack them into heart shaped boxes or into mini-gift bags decorated with stick-on red hearts.

So, how about chocolates – the typical gift of the day can be successfully used in your Valentine’s Day wedding favors. How can you go wring with Hugs and Kisses by Hershey’s? Get some tulle material and some ribbon. Place two (or more) of the Hugs and Kisses and also add some heart shaped confetti to accompany the delicious chocolates. Then roll up the small package so you can tie off the top with your ribbon. An alternative to this wedding favor presentation is to have the hugs and kisses on a plastic spoon. Yet another chocolate related Valentine’s Day wedding favor idea is to make something yourself out of chocolate to distribute to your guests which you can wrap up in cellophane. If you know how to bake – and your friends know how great a cook you are then this wedding favor will leave a nice lasting personalized favor for your friends. Perhaps you can bake a chocolate topped sugar cookie…

Other Valentine’s Day wedding favors you may want to consider is having a glass filled with nuts or more chocolate or cinnamon hearts. If it is within your budget, perhaps you can buy a classy champagne glass, will it with your chosen nut or sweet, wrap it up in tulle with a ribbon around the stem to keep the tulle down and the contents in.

Good luck in planning out and arranging your Valentine’s Day wedding favors – and if you have any problems don’t forget to visit our website below for more information.